Food was ready fast and it was super convenient.
Ordering was super easy.
Golden Gate has been around for years. It is a family run restaurant with the husband cooking and the wife doing most everything else. Occasionally, the kids will take over for a day. If you love 'old fashioned' Chinese take-out, then this is the place. It is the only restaurant I've found that still uses lots of bean sprouts in the chop suey. They use proteins generously in all of the dishes. The chicken in Almond Chicken is cooked to perfection, moist and tender with a crunchy exterior. Beautiful large shrimp in the shrimp dishes, etc. Why four instead of five stars? I don't care for the brown gravy (tastes salty and commercial) and always try to have the light sauce used instead. The soups can be inconsistent. While I am sure the wife understands English well, trying to adjust an order is near impossible. So don't expect to ask for extra mushrooms or no fortune cookies. It isn't going to happen. I've been a customer for over 20 years and Golden Gate will continue to be my go-to for Chinese take-out.
Great idea to put a piece of cardboard on the bottom of the carry out bag to prevent tipping and spilling!
Best chinese place in 50+ miles .. love them..
Any questions please call us.